Individual sessions

Taetske can support you in getting clarity about subconscious patterns that cloud your vision and deprive you from enjoining life as it is. Subconscious patterns express themselves through anxiety, stress, sleeping problems, negative thoughts and emotions, illness and dissatisfaction.
In being an inseparable part of the whole, at the deepest level you are always in harmony with the great dance of life. Every crisis has healing potential. Taetske supports you in unraveling the knots that blind you and will help you seeing yourself more clearly again from a perspective of truth.

Because of the corona measures, sessions are currently given without physical contact and respecting a distance of at least 1.5 meters. You will be asked to disinfect your hands upon arrival, after contact with the face and when you accidentally sneeze or cough into your hand. If one of us does not feel well, has a cold or other symptoms that could indicate corona, an intake or session can be done by Skype.

Please read our conditions of participation and cancellation policy


Standard rate:
Intake € 50,-
Session € 100,-
A series of 5 sessions € 450,-

Reduced rate for private persons:
Intake € 40,-
Session € 85,-
A series of 5 sessions € 375,-

An invoice is send to the standard rate only

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For individual Clarity sessions you can also contact other Clarity Process trainers.
For more information, go to the Clarity Process Trainers page.
Native speaking German and English Clarity Process trainers can be found here.