Online Retreat

“I really enjoyed the online retreat. Quality time with myself at my own place. I took so many steps, got so many insights! Taetske’s wisdom and kindness makes me feel safe. She surprises me time and again. I would definitely do it again!


“What a blessing that I could join from my home. What a wonderful workshop, and what a wonderful teacher you are! Thank you very much for your inputs. Thank you very much for the way you show me the truth. I never heard it so blunt, so directly, so effective. My heart is full of joy and love.”


“It was just as valuable as a physical Clarity Process Retreat. It went deep straight away. The partner exercises worked surprisingly well through Zoom. I  came out of the retreat exceptionally clear and bright. The privacy that it gives you during the exercises, allows for  the ‘worst’ memories to surface and be healed in the hands of existence. I’ll join the next one for sure!


“I experienced the retreat as very supportive in my process. In my own home and in my own environment. It allowed me to focus deeply on my own process and at the same time feel connected to the other participants. And afterwards an easy transition to ‘going back home’ by simply being where I already was!”


It was very nice to spend a couple of days intensely working with the techniques. To immerse myself in the process and experience the here and now in a place that is so full of the projections. This has given me more compassion for my human system. It helped me see how deep the hypnosis of the thinking world is. And how different this world is from the world of being. I felt so much gratitude during the online retreat! Even huge gratitude for the pain in my foot, that presented itself in the moment as life.


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