Clarity Inner Core ‘The Sacred Journey Home’

I sit here, in ‘the middle of nowhere’, not a soul around me. I hear the wind in the grass, feel the sun on my skin, nothing but nature around me and I feel safe, free, and relaxed. To be here in this world and not be afraid, be it in nature, be it at work, at home, whilst I dance, or amongst people. And when fear does arise, being able just to be with it, to see it for what it is.

Five, six years ago this was unthinkable, I would be on my guards. Up until then I was not even aware of all the fears and worries in me. The Clarity process helped me understand the source of my fears and worries and it opened my eyes to what really is. No more need to watch over my shoulder, to expect the worst, to be tense.


Dear Taetske,  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for all your effort, dedication, love and inspiration. The Clarity Process is the best thing that has ever happened to me. It has given my life an unexpected twist.  I lived in a dream and thought that it was reality. Now, I KNOW I live in a dream, and sometimes I am awake out of that dream and experience reality, the ultimate freedom where everything happens, and I behold the wonder of this life.


If you want to know what spiritual books mean when they talk about ‘Your dream, Your hypnosis’, then this 3-year training is the perfect chance to inquire and explore.  It is for those who are interested in Truth, Love and Freedom. The past three years and earlier Clarity workshops were absolutely necessary for me to break free of my illusions and come back to reality! This is a 180°C turnaround.  Being in the Now gives me so much joy, and I wish that for everyone.


I am just back from the last two week workshop in Tuscany, the conclusion of a three year journey into the Inner Core.  The end of seeking… Slowly the ‘finding’ is penetrating into my daily life. Old fears are looked at and soften, and the relaxation and trust in the Here and Now becoms deeper and deeper which allows me to be honest and true, from the heart, in the moment. An amazing and fantastic journey with so many inspiring glimpses and panoramas, experiences which have made me realize that Existence is unconditional Love in which all things are connected, dance together and are moved.


I have arrived in the Now and am full of trust and love.
The path had many obstacles and bends and sometimes I could not see.
Existence continually supported me and showed me the way.
Three years of study, tears, joy and insights
With peace and inner knowledge I have arrived “home”.


One of the things I enjoyed about the three year Inner Core Group was the love and support I encountered.  What an amazing group of people.  I not only witnessed myself relax and blossom, but also everyone in the group.  I am so thankful!


I never could have imagined that my life could change so much in three years, especially in such a relaxed, gentle and subtle way.  Each year brought new insights and changes. I can finally be myself and I am no longer worried what other people think of me… and this is an enormous gift!!
I received the biggest gift in the last two week workshop when I realized that my search was over. I do not need to search anymore!!!  Everything I am looking for is in the Here and Now!


What did I get from the three year Inner Core Group? To write this down in words is not an easy task, because it has brought so many deep changes.  The most beautiful gift is that I have opened myself to Truth, which is Reality.  It is a complete different world than that of our memories.  One can only experience it , and that is what is going to happen in these three years… Experience it!!


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