Clarity Process Week ‘The Butterfly that thought it was still a Caterpillar’

Coming from a down to earth family with high values for the scientific approach, I must admit I was a little skeptical. Seeing is believing. And I did! What a wonderful gift this week was! The easy and very practical exercises fit beautifully in my day to day life and are giving me so much peace and relaxation! Absolutely wonderful.


I came in as a head with an ongoing thought-machine, and came out as a total human with a loving beating heart. Because a made friends with myself, I can now be open for others, without depending on this person for my own happiness. That is such an enormous relief. It allows me to look with much more clarity at the world around me, and to feel connected to it. To enter this course was the best decision I ever made.


I look back at this workshop with great pleasure, pride and gratitude. It provided me with the tools to relax in front of old fears. It enables me to act and be more from calmness and strength. I experienced an enormous trust during the whole workshop, something I only rarely encounter. During the week there was a natural flow, in which everything presented itself effortlessly. I experienced an powerful force of life within myself. My primal scream from the hilltop was the enforcement of my breakthrough. This still resonates in my system. Taetske, thank you for enabling these steps with your clarity, humor en trust.


During the Clarity Week, I sometimes woke up in the middle of the night and wrote down what I wanted to do the next day; and then let go of it. The next evening, I would reread these notes and saw that everything had been addressed, and even more… I experienced that I can let go, and still receive in the moment all I wish for. I left the workshop with a deep feeling of gratitude. Gratitude for everything I was allowed to experience during this week. What a beautiful process and method Jeru has developed!


In contrast to many other workshops and methods, I can easily practice and apply what Taetske is teaching. She provides various methods to deal with unconscious (and sometimes repressed) memories, and she offers practical tools to alleviate the memories and sometimes to even lift their whole burden. When I get stressed out of something, I can now find out why. I start a conversation with myself, discover where this reaction is coming from, see what is actually happening and subsequently I get more peace and inner space. Taetske is thorough, gentle, and has a good sense of humor. A fine person, who establishes a safe atmosphere.


Thank you for this beautiful Clarity Week in Onna. What a rich and wonderful process! It gives you the tools to get into the beautiful NOW, and allows you to free yourself from limiting thought patterns. I feel truly free and strong. With a lot of trust in myself, and in the beautiful NOW and in the exercises. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


What a special experience, my first workshop! Many triggers, and at the same time having the opportunity to address them. The buildup of the exercises worked very well. It was very nice also to do exercises outside. During the week I realized more and more what really is. I found myself again (forgave myself, no more self hate), and I feel I can fully be. It is so simple, all is one. Very special to experience that I am also a part of this same existence, how could I ever forget it? All in all a very special week.


I experienced the workshop as very positive: the group, the program, the exercises and logic in the sequence of them. Also your role in our work with us, your non-judgmental attitude and the way you presented everything to us with complete presence.

I don’t drink as much alcohol anymore, and it is not hard for me (it was in the past). It feels natural now, it gives me clarity and increases my capacity to be confrontational when necessary (a very important learning point for me!). Finally: I have done a lot in the field of personal development, but never have been given so much possibilities for growth, thanks!


First of all I would like to thank you for the last Clarity Week. It feels like a crash course in love. These days have reestablished a loving connection with existence. I can see that the Clarity Process is true path to liberation, and it fills me with huge thankfulness.

The workshop touched me in its simplicity, but especially because I have never experienced before that it was OK for participants to be so independent and self-reliant. Everything that you taught can be taken home. You also trusted completely on the inner strength of people. I have learned a lot and gained calmness through your relaxed presence.


Since our workshop I experience a lot more freedom. I don’t think so much anymore about how other people see me. I even danced on my own among a lot of strangers! And I loved it. I noticed that I feel more at ease with others, and more strong. Physically something changed during the last meditation that we did, at the left side of my riff. Since then I can breathe more freely. I have more energy and even started exercising. Something I would have never believed before.  🙂

Without having to think about it, I have several moments a day that I feel the moment, and it shows me how my breath has changed. It is much deeper now. All in all a wonderful result, for which I am very grateful.


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