We from Ekhart Yoga are happy to offer Taetske’s students a one-month free deal to be able to follow her programs on our website.

For this you need to access our website using the following link:

At the top of this page, new users will see a coral-coloured ‘Try for free‘ button. If you click on that you’ll need to create an account trough filling in your email address and a password.

The next page shows the payment plans. Scroll down a bit and you’ll see a gift icon next to ‘Add promo code‘. Click on this and it’ll open a box where you need to enter the code: 1month
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Taetske’s Classes

1. Twelve Days of Awareness
A program to consolidate your connection with the Here and Now (7 videos)

2. Awakening your Buddha smile
A program to unlock your natural potential for kindness and compassion (8 videos)

3. Super Sleeper Series
Talks and meditations that address four common sleep issues (10 videos)

You are of course welcome to try some of the other classes as well!

About Taetske Kleijn

Taetske was Jeru Kabbal’s student during the last 7 year of his life. In 1996 she finished the Clarity Teacher Training with him and founded the Tsuki meditation centre. After a shift in consciousness in 1999 she decided to give up her musical career to be fully available to pass on this beautiful and at the same time very practical way towards truth and liberation.

“What is really nice, is that Taetske is quite sober. Very loving, but also sharp as a razor.”

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