Start: March 12, 2022

Clarity Process Week ‘The Butterfly that thought it was still a Caterpillar’

This Clarity Process week will give you eye-opening concepts that change the way you see yourself and the world. You will also learn techniques, which you can use at home to intensify and continue your practice. It will give you a new perspective on life that you will find exciting, encouraging and practical.

About the workshop

A butterfly that thinks it is still a caterpillar, keeps clinging to the branch. And yet it does not need to change to be able to fly. Just some clarity and trust in what he really is.

In order to be free we must stop identifying with the limiting experiences of the past and be genuinely open to the reality of Now. This workshop is devoted to discover the blueprint of the Deeper Mind, and shine some light on it for true and honest change and natural expansion. Fear, tension and worry start disappearing. Our breath becomes deeper and more relaxed. We become ready to enjoy ordinary moments more and more, feeling more confident and capable. You will leave this workshop with a new perspective that you will find exciting, encouraging and practical.

This workshop is focusing on the steps 1, 2 and 3 of the Clarity Process. Expect a combination of self-inquiry, regression work, here and now techniques and powerful breathing meditations such as the Quantum Light Breath. Clarity is not a quick fix. It is a thorough path with a lot of depth.

What can you expect?

  • Self knowledge
  • Letting go of old tensions and believes that no longer suit you
  • Opening the senses
  • Being in touch with the here and now
  • Deeper relaxation, higher energy
  • Expanded awareness
  • Body consciousness
  • Joy, love, dance and meditation

To get the most out of the workshop you are asked to be offline this week.

Coming from a down to earth family with high values for the scientific approach, I must admit I was a little skeptical. Seeing is believing. And I did! What a wonderful gift this week was! The easy and very practical exercises fit beautifully in my day to day life and are giving me so much peace and relaxation! Absolutely wonderful.



Haus Bergheim is located in the Sauerland region in Germany, between Altena and Lüdenscheid. The house is situated on a mountainside, surrounded by forests, springs and streams. The air is exceptionally clean. You stay in a double room. There are several toilets and showers on each floor. Single rooms are available for € 25,- extra.

How to get there?

You can get there by car or take the train to Altena, where you can take a bus to Mühlenrahmede. On request we can try to arrange a pickup for you from train station Altena.

Bergheim Mühlenrahmede
Kalkofenweg 32
58762 Altena


Workshop fee, including workshop material, food and lodging in a shared room: € 1208 + € 50 registration costs
Reduced rate for private persons: € 999 + € 50 registration cost

Repeaters € 50 reduction.
Come together, pay together? € 50 reduction on the total amount.

Minima can get a reduction or help with paying in installments through the Dana Clarity Fund. Feel free to contact them at

An intake through Skype is available on request. The costs will be deducted from the workshop fee upon participation.

About Taetske Kleijn

Taetske was Jeru Kabbal’s student during the last 7 year of his life. In 1996 she finished the Clarity Teacher Training with him and founded the Tsuki meditation centre. After a shift in consciousness in 1999 she decided to give up her musical career to be fully available to pass on this beautiful and at the same time very practical way towards truth and liberation.

“What is really nice, is that Taetske is quite sober. Very loving, but also sharp as a razor.”

In a nutshell

Clarity Process Week ‘The Butterfly that thought it was still a Caterpillar’

StartSaturday March 12, 2022 – 6 pm
EndSunday March 20, 2022 – 9 am
DetailsBergheim can host us under the 2G+ Covid-regulation.
Price€ 1208,- or € 999,- including food and lodging in a shared room (+ € 50,- registration costs)
LevelOpen for everyone
TrainerTaetske Kleijn
LocationBergheim, Sauerland Germany

Yes, I ‘d like to subscribe!

    • Beautifully situated in the woods and mountains.
    • Single room available for only € 25,- extra.
    • Focusing on step 1, 2 and 3 of the Clarity Process.
    • Fine vegetarian kitchen.
    • Trouble finding the money? Contact the Dana Clarity Fund
    • Cancellation: Up till one month before no workshop costs
    • Also June 11 and November 9 2022 (both in Dutch)