Start: April 4, 2020 !Cancelled due to the corona lockdown!

Clarity Process Retreat ‘Golden Wings – Blue Sky’

In these three life-changing weeks you can shift from identifying with your old, self-limiting personality to playing with the countless expressions of the moment. During these three weeks we will do the Island meditation, a special 72 hour meditation developed by Jeru Kabbal.

About the workshop

The combination of insight and intensive meditation, will help the deeper mind to clear out old often unconscious programs so they can come to the surface and be released. Not weighted down by the heaviness of the past, you will rediscover your natural strength and freedom, being in harmony with your true adult self. In every moment the full support of Existence shows itself. No longer looking at life through the filters of the past, you will experience the magic of Now.

Important issues will be addressed, as Love, Sex and Relationship; Illness as a strategy; Your everyday life as a spiritual practice.

What can you expect?

  • Self knowledge
  • Letting go of old tensions and believes that no longer suit you
  • Bridge the gap between spiritual life and daily life
  • More relaxed, natural and honest relationships
  • Probable cessation of psychosomatic conditions
  • A clear understanding of the path to self realization, plus practical shortcuts for getting there
  • Deeper relaxation, higher energy
  • More Clarity in all aspects of your life
  • Joy and celebration

It is an off-line retreat.  This means that you are expected to arrange your home and work life in such a way that you can be without smartphone and internet connection during the whole workshop. A landline will be provided to be in touch with your loved ones.

To join the Retreat, you have to be familiar with the tools offered in the Clarity Week and able to use these tools yourself at home.

It is the start of the Clarity Inner Core, a three year ongoing program.

Now, after these three weeks, I have so much more love and understanding of my subconscious patterns. Furthermore, there is much more relaxation and knowing that my little ‘dramas’ have absolutely nothing to do with the reality of this moment. A huge gift!



Le Capannacce is a renovated country house in Tuscany from 1771 with a beautiful spacious workshop space in the garden. It is situated on a hilltop, surrounded by natural forest and their own olive grove. True to Tuscan tradition, the family prepares the delicious vegetarian meals themselves.

Podere le Capannacce
Associazione Melete
Le Capannacce 130
I – 56036 Palaia (PI) – ITALY
Tel. 00390-587-622106

How to get there?

The closest airport is Pisa. The nearest train station is Pontedera. Taxi transfers to and from Le Capannacce can be arranged.


The fee for this three week retreat is € 2775,-
Reduced rate for private persons € 2510,-
Low income € 2384,- (sponsored by the Dana Clarity Fund)

The fee includes food and lodging in a shared room. Some single and double rooms are available for an additional charge of € 288,- (single) or € 144,- (double). With private bathroom  € 144,- extra. At the moment all singles and doubles are taken. We can put you on a waiting list in case one comes available.

If the fee is a hinder for participation, please contact the Dana Clarity Fund through

Your place is booked with the reception of your payment. However, if you cancel within one week we will return your payment minus € 50,- administration costs.

Into the Inner Core

After this retreat you can continue with the Inner Core, a three year ongoing group that starts with this retreat.  The continuation fee is € 2770,-. Reduced rate for private persons € 2250,-. Low income € 2025,-. Food and lodging not included.

About Taetske Kleijn

Taetske was Jeru Kabbal’s student during the last 7 year of his life. In 1996 she finished the Clarity Teacher Training with him and founded the Tsuki meditation centre. After a shift in consciousness in 1999 she decided to give up her musical career to be fully available to pass on this beautiful and at the same time very practical path towards truth and liberation.

“What is really nice, is that Taetske is quite sober. Very loving, but also sharp as a razor.”

In a nutshell

Clarity Process Retreat ‘Golden Wings – Blue Sky’

Start April 4, 2020
EndApril 25, 2020
DetailsIt starts on Saturday with the evening meal and ends on Saturday with breakfast.
Price € 2775,- | € 2510,- | € 2384,- including Food and lodging
You have done several Clarity weeks or did one recently
TrainerTaetske Kleijn
LocationPodere Le Capannacce (Italy)

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Sorry, the retreat had to be cancelled due to the corona lockdown.

    • Delicious home made Italian vegetarian food.
    • Amazing natural surrounding.
    • Halfway through the workshop there is a free day to visit Pisa or Florence.
    • The positive effect of this long workshop is impressive.
    • From this retreat you can continue with the Inner Core.
    • Trouble finding the money? The Dana Clarity Fund can help with a gift or a loan!