Jeru Kabbal about the Quantum Light Breath

The Quantum Light Breath is a highly focused breathing meditation process that greatly accelerates the user’s personal transformation by bypassing the conscious mind and releasing old programs directly from the subconscious. It basically eliminates the need for analysis, painful emotional experiences, years of therapy or growth groups and unfruitful meditations.
It usually takes the user into an expanded state of consciousness. Universal love is experienced as a reality and not as an unreachable concept. There is a deep connection to the Universal Intelligence.


First, expect deep and powerful changes to happen to you. The QLB (Quantum Light Breath) will clean out impurities and toxins from all the various aspects of your being, including physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Please bear in mind that the QLB is basically a meditation or inner experience. It was developed as a technique to cut through the mind without dealing directly with it.

After 20 years of working with thousands and thousands of peoples’ minds I have seen conclusively that the best way to deal with the mind is to change our attitude toward it. We have made it all-powerful through our belief in it. If we can change our attitude toward the mind, the mind itself will change because the mind is our own creation.

The basic part of the mind is the subconscious which is like an enormous computer that stores everything – from and including every traumatic experience since birth. The strange thing is that the subconscious believes that all of these traumatic experiences are still happening.

In other words, it doesn’t see these memories as simple documents of something that is now gone forever. Rather, it is like a child sitting in front of a television set and literally believing everything it sees.

Because the mind believes these old events are constantly reoccurring (or could reoccur) it is constantly creating protective thoughts, attitudes, strategies, etc. These, in turn, lead to defensive behavior including the tensing of the physical body to create body protection or body armor. This tension also can be in the internal organs, preventing the body from functioning in an optimum way. All of this tension and the fear behind it have a tremendous influence on our lives.

In practicing the QLB it is essential to open to the rather radical idea that “Only NOW is.” NOW is all there is. The so-called past doesn’t exit. It is gone forever. The future never comes. Only this moment is real. Memories are fantasies. And fantasies in themselves are harmless. However, if we choose to believe in them, they will have the same effect on us as if they were real. It is not the memories that are causing the trouble, but rather the mind’s decision to believe in them.
Most therapists (medical, psychological or spiritual) also take the attitude that what the mind fears is actually real. In only dealing with symptoms they fail to see that the problem is that the mind is believing in fantasy and that we then believe what the mind tells us. But reality gets lost. The NOW is ignored.

To ignore the NOW is to ignore our real life. Memories are not our real lives. Memories are dead and therefore have no life of their own. They seem to have life only when we choose to believe in them.

Therefore, if you don’t have a problem right NOW, in this very moment, you simply don’t have a problem. You may imagine that you do. But it is exactly at that point that you have a choice – to believe in the fantasy or not.

When you stop believing that you have a problem, you will also stop reacting against this imaginary problem. Your tension, your blocks, your armor, your defensive attitudes and strategies will simply disappear.

Learn to separate genuine problems (extremely rare) from imaginary ones (a constant flow).

The purpose of the QLB is to help you learn and practice to do just that: see the artificiality of the mind and gradually become its master instead of being its slave.

The approach we are taking with the QLB is that the content of the mind is made up of memories which are basically harmless but which need to be released. If not released they will continue to affect us at the subconscious level.


The energy created by the breathing will bring up this old material in the form of thoughts, emotions, thought-forms or physical sensations. When this happens these emissions are to be released by allowing them to be there. Accept them. Give them space. Don’t resist or fight with whatever comes up. Just allow.

By allowing we give the message to the subconscious that the material is unimportant and the subconscious will therefore let go of it. DO keep your awareness focused on the NOW of your breath. Always come back to the breath. DO allow the emotions to arise but DON’T go into them as you’ve often been advised.


Most people will continue processing after the session is over, sometimes for several days. So be aware of this, especially the following day. You may find your dreams strongly influenced, in turn influencing how you feel during the day. Be especially watchful for “negative” emotions since these are the kind that are repressed. As this old material is activated you may feel that the emotions you are experiencing are coming from present situations.

It is essential to recognize that these emotions are actually stored emotions ready to be released. If you act on them you will give them importance and they will not be released or resolved. If you allow them to be there but focus your awareness on the reality of NOW, they will quickly be emitted.

Be especially watchful of feelings that are difficult to define. They may be from experiences from the pre-verbal level. These are to be handled in the same way.


At first you will most likely experience releases that are dramatic and cathartic. These cathartic releases can be either “negative” or “positive.”
For example, they can range from intense anger to oceanic ecstasy and bliss. These more dramatic experiences will gradually become less frequent.

The negative experiences will dry up after a while and the positive experiences will seem less dramatic but will be more frequent. You will become more accustomed to the “high” spaces. You will be more grounded, more confident, more satisfied with yourself and your life. Your relationships will become more open, more honest and more rewarding. Your goals will be clearer and you will achieve them in a way that seems almost magically effortless.

As you begin to expand you may find that at some point your subconscious becomes afraid of further expansion. This is Fear of the Positive. As strange as it may sound, the subconscious is actually afraid of getting what it wants and needs reassurance at this stage. If it doesn’t get this reassurance it often resists further expansion, feeling it will be punished if things get too good.

This resistance will usually be indirect: getting sick, having an accident, being “too tired” to come to a scheduled session, or “too busy”, or “too bored” or any number of ways to avoid actually breathing. Sometimes the resistance will be felt while the breathing is actually happening.

It is very important not to surrender to this resistance. These are times when you are on the verge of reaching another level of expansion and transformation. Growth comes in moving beyond the old limitations.

When you have breathed through this level of resistance you will emerge in a still higher and stronger space. Again, it is important not to be distracted by resistance.


The QLB greatly benefits the physical body. The increased amount of oxygen in the blood expels toxins from the body. It accelerates the healing metabolism of all the glands and organs, and discourages parasites ( like amoebas), fungi (like candida), and viruses (like Eppstein Barr, etc.). It stabilizes the Ph factor of the blood and balances the left and right hemispheres of the brain.

The brain is the greatest user of oxygen and suffers when we take in too little. The QLB not only nourishes the brain with its most important food, but it also stimulates it to begin growing again.

Because the breathing will evoke a deep cleansing process, one should be alert to the symptoms of such a cleansing. The body has various ways of expelling toxins that have been stored. Many of these are mildly unpleasant while they are happening.

Toxins that are being purged from the body through the breathing are first deposited into the bloodstream, and then expelled through various body functions. But while they are still in the bloodstream (at most a few hours) you may experience some sleepiness, dizziness, tiredness, nausea, arthritic-like pains in the joints, headaches , or nervousness.

If and when this happens, do not be disturbed or try to stop the process. Allow it to happen. You are cleansing yourself. Taking asprin, etc. only hinders the natural cleansing process. On the other hand, do get plenty of rest, drink plenty of water and above all, breathe. Light exercise like walking is excellent for speeding up the process.

Just remember while its happening that you are becoming cleaner, lighter, healthier and more intelligent.

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  1. How do I start?

    • Hi Edyta,

      Best is to start with the QLB ‘Original Version’ of Jeru Kabbal. It is available in our webshop as CD or download. On this recording Jeru gives a clear explanation and leads you gently through the process.

      It is recommended to do the meditation at least once a week to have a sustainable result.

      If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask,

  2. Hello Taetske!
    Is it ok if I do the meditation every other day or is that too much? It’s so incredible how after just one session it’s so effortless to be still within and remain present throughout the week! This was what I have been looking for to deepen my presence practice. It’s just amazing and I am so grateful to have found this!

    • Hi Maryan,

      It is OK to do the meditation every other day for a certain period of time, for example if you want to break a bad habit, support yourself in an emotionally challenging time, or to give the deepening of your awareness a valuable push, like you are experiencing now. After a while, I would recommend taking it down to three or even two times a week, to give other capacities in yourself the space to also jump in in staying present. Then, when you need to make a next step or would like some extra support when you have a difficult time or when not so easy parts are being processed, you can temporarily pick the frequency up again. It is a powerful meditation!


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